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   Born October 2nd, 1990, Dylan Lock grew up in Victoria Harbour, Ontario Canada. He was always drawn to the piano since the age of 5. After spending time in the choir & winning the Elementary School Music Award, his dad bought him his first keyboard as a grade 8 graduation gift. He spent many hours teaching himself how to play the notes & chords he heard from classical music or any music  on the radio, by ear. He still remains a self-taught musician.


   In high school he entered a Nation wide Canadian songwriting competition & won the 1st place prize of $1000, which he used to purchase his next keyboard. He joined a high school rock band & played lead vocals/keyboard performing at his school as well as local venues, bars & house parties. He began to develop a voice & considered taking music to the next level. After high school &  he started picking up gigs locally as a solo artist & was eventually able to quit his Pizza job & perform music full-time at bars, restaurants, weddings, parties etc.  He recorded his first full original album locally & sold over a thousand copies.


After over 2000 gigs & years of performing music as a full-time job later, he acquired his own recording studio & began to teach himself producing/mixing engineering while continuing to grow as a musician. His main inspirations include Queen, Bob Seger, Van Morrison, Ed Sheeran, Chris Stapleton, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Elvis & many others.


   Fast forward to March 2020, the year of Covid-19. He decided to set up shop with his equipment in his very own driveway & perform for the local neighbours with hopes to brighten their day. His wife filmed the first few driveway performances on Facebook, which ended up hitting over 1 million views. He decided to make it a weekly thing & raise money for the frontline workers effected by this pandemic. in just 17 performances, he raised over $50,000 & tallied up millions of worldwide views, He's had huge success touching the hearts of people all over the world. Global news, CTV news & many radio stations including CBC radio are just a couple incredible responses received. Follow his journey on his Facebook page linked below!


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